Folgende Erklärung wurde auf der interparlamentarischen Konferenz zur Außen- und Militärpolitik linker Abgeordneter der nationalen Parlamente Portugal, Deutschland, Spanien, Griechenland und Zypern herausgegeben. 

Left MPs from the national Parliaments of Portugal, Germany, Spain, Greece and Cyprus attended the Parliamentary Conference on Common Foreign and Security Policy, held in Sofia this weekend under the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union.

Once again, the issues under discussion confirm the militaristic approach to the defense agenda of the European Union, aggressively pushing for budgetary increases in military spending under the guardianship of NATO and at the service of the defense industrial complex in Europe. This worrisome approach is accompanied by a disastrous management of the EU foreign, migration and neighbourhood policy agendas, which have resulted in unending wars in our neighbouring regions, unprecedented refugee and migratory crisis, and massive violations of human rights that the EU has been unable or unwilling to stop.
In several interventions at the conference, Left MPs emphasised their opposition to the increase of military spending and the logic of arms race that ensues, the militarisation of the EU project and budget, the paralysis of the EU in dealing with human rights crisis and violations, and the subordination to NATO and its renewed cold-war agendas of confrontation in the Eastern neighbourhood region. Likewise, they voiced their concern about the increase of extreme-right nationalism and xenophobia in the continent, and demanded solidarity and compliance with International and European Law in responding to the refugee crisis. Finally, they expressed condemnation and demanded a European response to Donald Trump's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Turkey's military attacks on the Kurds in Afrin, and its provocative actions in the economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus and the Aegean.